3. Be extra-aware during the warmer seasons.

Your chance of encountering an alligator is greatest during the animal’s courtship and mating season in the warmest months, from March through September. This is when male ‘gators become most dominant and aggressive as they try to intimidate rival males and attract females by their show of power. Some males end up having to travel to find a mate. July through September are when mother ‘gators are guarding nests.

This Miami canal serves as an alligator “highway”, conveying the big reptiles literally into humans’ backyards. The soft grass of a residential yard is an irrestible basking site.

The warmer months are a very popular time in the southeastern USA for outdoor activities, and alligators being solar-powered, so-to-speak, are active, hunting travleing, couritng and mating. The warmth from the sun fires up their metabolism, giving them renewed energy; and renewed energy means great potential for conflict.

Did You Know? 75% of attacks occur from May-September.